How Much “White Man” Is Too Much White Man”?

Another rare “ytppl” related episode. So, in the black community when discussing racism and the conditions we are subject to, “The White Man” aka white people are mentioned quite often. Makes sense. What we want to know is –  Other than when breaking down racism, how much talking about white people is too much? Do you think there’s an excessive focus on  white people?  Special thanks for this topic goes to J. Brodie – Cloth Talk Podcast 

Key Points:

  • We focus a lot of energy on “the white man”
  • Accountability is nothing to be afraid of  or offended by
  • We have to be honest with ourselves and realize that regardless of the impact of racism, there’s still plenty in our hands
  • Over obsessing over “the white man” makes it easy to overlook anti-blackness displayed in other communities. including our own. 
  • It’s unhealthy and unnecessary to build create anti-white animosity.
  • Our mission shouldn’t be shade, but progress.