Toxicity in Gender (Pt3 of 3)

We have a lot of conversations about masculinity in the black community. What we don’t talk about as often is femininity. In this episode, we discuss both with emphasis on “toxicity” in gender as well as providing some examples, experiences, and more. We’ve of course invited some male perspective with this one and re-invited DJ from the “Black & Dadding” episode.

This entire post is just disclaimers.

It’s difficult to summarize each episode part uniquely since they build off one another. You’re encouraged to listen! That’s the best way for you to understand the discussion.L

NOTE: Yes, some gender behavior is totally natural but not all of it. It is society that teaches us what “rules” we must follow because of our gender. Do you think men naturally suppress emotion? Do you think women naturally obsess over their appearance? That’s the product of being socialized to hold certain beliefs. Overtime we learn what we actions we must take to maintain a status that says we are “woman” or “man”. Seeking social validation isn’t just exhausting, it’s unhealthy. 

*We speak from our own personal experiences with our manhood/womanhood. Generalizations may lie ahead. Remember to listen with the intent to understand*

We each had our own “definition” of toxic femininity/masculinity. So, we’ll allow you to come up with one on your own as well. Everyone will have a different experience with what these things mean. In part 1 of the actual episode, you’ll hear how we define these terms and from what sort of lens we’re speaking from.

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