Are You Inviting “Them” to the Cookout?

“Allies” You hear that phrase a lot when describing socially aware white people. But how “helpful” are allies? There’s definitely pros and cons to the entire concept. So, we ask the community : How do you feel about allies? Are they an essential part of elevating the black community?

I don’t need anybody to pretend to be this ‘White Savior’  or see my community as something to pity…


Key Points:

For the sake of this episode, we’ll define an ally as an individual  that doesn’t belong to a marginalized group but still acts as an advocate. (We’re specifically speaking about white-to-black allyship)

Here’s site Kiki ran into we waned to share: https://newint.org/features/2018/03/15/be-a-better-ally

Anyway, here’s our Key Points:

  • There’s a “good” and “bad” type of ally and there’s do’s and don’ts to allyship.
  • There’s a fuzzy line between Ally and “White Savior.”
  • Allyship can be capitalized on by white industries.
  • Nobody deserves a cookie for not being racist.

So how do YOU feel about Allies? Share this episode and give your input. Be sure to Tag @thesatinbonnet 


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