First and foremost, you might be thinking that being concerned with social media is unnecessary. That social media shouldn’t be taken seriously and that it’s a non-issue for the most part. Sorry, but you’re underestimating the super-tool that social media is. Consider the fact that the Black Lives Matter movement was heavily propelled by supporters on social media. That alone shows how much power this tool has within the black community and with power comes rewards and responsibility. So how does social media effect the black community?

First, a couple of disclaimers are due here… Unfortunately.

  • The Satin Bonnet isn’t dictating how you should go about your social media usage.
  • The Satin Bonnet is UNCENSORED. Usage of the N-Word (both forms) is ahead. It is not being used towards any specific individual(s) but in reading a meme and as a reminder that The Satin Bonnet is UNCENSORED.

I believe that our words and what we post and our interactions online have just as much of an affect as [doing the same] in the real word because social media nowadays is a part of the real world. The two go hand and hand…

So, how does social media effect the black community positively?

  • Voicing – #BlackLivesMatter and similar movements the black community is uniting for at the time. ( Regardless of your personal views on BLM, you cannot deny that social media has been an extremely well-running vehicle for activism.) Imagine for a second if Twitter existed in the 60s!
  • Digital Communing – Example : the natural hair community groups and other online support including business networking.
  • Advertisement for black media , businesses, and artist.
  • THE PROMOTION OF BLACK EXCELLENCE. YESS! We absolutely LOVE to support each other and cheer each other on! This being done in front of the rest of America to see our strong community connection is a bonus.

Soooo, how does social media effect the black community negatively?

  • “News stations” fabricating stories causing an unnecessary stir
  • Promotion of violence (fight videos, etc).
  • People latching onto regressive ideologies that have been pushed on social media.

Soooo, how can we do better? How can we utilize social media effectively?

  • CHECK . CHECK. CHECK. Your “news” source’s credibility or story credibility before you spread it or react. (Learn to stop being so reactive. )
  • Think before you post. Just like you think before you speak. (I hope.)
  • Ask yourself how you want to be known. Are you a source of positive energy or negative? Your energy and overall vibe DOES show through social media.