Protecting Predators?

Dear community, We need to talk about how we protect sexual predators such as R.Kelly….

Disclaimer/Warnings Below:
We hope that you approach this content with understand and maturity. Thank you.

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  • Generalizations may lie ahead. “Not all” is to be assumed. If we mean “all” we will say “all”.
  • For the sake of time, we cannot dissect every sexual assault case or every fine detail pertaining to sexual assault regardless of if it is related to the black community.
  • This episode largely surrounds the R. Kelly.
  • Look out for future episodes related to rape culture and victim blaming to cover the topic more in depth.
  • We understand that men experience sexual assault too. This particular episode is not about men’s sexual assault.


Why are celebrity predators such as R.Kelly Protected?

  • Defensive. We as black people are attacked by society often and feel we need to protect ourselves at all times. This can cause us to defend one another even when we are wrong.
  • Sensitive to policing. We are quite sensitive to policing and getting into legal trouble. Many of us assume that if a successful black man is facing allegations that can land him in jail or prison then those allegations can be attributed to an underlying racist agenda to “tear a black man down”. Racist agendas against black men are very real however, that isn’t always the case. * Cough, cough** R . Kelly.
  • Contributions  & Culture. We’ve grown up with R. Kelly. His music is always a part of the family reunion so we have a nostalgia and emotional tie to him and his work. In our brains, he’s like an old friend and nobody wan’ts to see their old friend as a predator. So what do we do? We use his cultural contributions as a way to make him seem as if he can do no harm. Denial, denial, denial.
  • Separation. As R Kelly’s ex- wife , Andrea Kelly, said : “You make like R. Kelly but you won’t like Robert.” We have difficulty separating the man from his work and we fail to consider that a celebrity’s TV persona is just that, a persona and NOT an accurate representation of their true selves.

So how can we separate the individual from their cultural contributions?

  • See him as Robert Kelly, the predator. Even if you start calling him “Robert Kelly”, that may help because you are separating a person from their celebrity persona.

If were going to hold regular people accountable for things that they do , the things that they say, …. that are wrong then we need to give celebrities the same energy.

  • Know that every stream indirectly funds R.Kelly’s ability to continue abuse. Money has made things very easy for him.


Thanks for listening!

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