But We Had A Black President….

Us living in a post racial society is the illusion that covert racism has created. We are not in an era of not seeing color, Obama’s being elected was not a sign of racism dying. The US has not moved past racial issues. Racism, xenophobia, and other forms ethnicity related bigotry are still prevalent. Let’s talk about this post racial society myth and examples of covert racism.

“I think that what a lot of people see as a post racial society is just a covert racism society.”

Tiffy, Host & Creator 

In this episode, we mention xenophobia under the blanket of racism without distinguishing it as xenophobia. Though this was unintentional, it’s important to TSB that you know the difference.  Some of the key points below are supplemental to the content of this particular episode. Thanks for listening! 

Key Points:

  • Racism does not have to involve the KKK , racism slurs, or obvious discrimination to be racism.
  • Covert Racism –  A form of racial discrimination that is disguised and subtle, rather than public or obvious.(Wikipedia
  • Think of a post racism society the same way you would a disease – Just because symptoms become less server or less obvious on average, doesn’t mean you’re cured and healthy.
  • We still have racial double standard in place where white people can exhibit certain behavior and it will not be attributed to their or not viewed as negatively had a POC done the same. 
  • Obama’s presidency was not the moment racism went away. People were not happy about him being in office and the racist political cartoons, dummies, calling Michelle Obama a monkey , etc serve as minor examples of how his race was a part of the reason many people hated him. 
  • “Post racial society” arguments and anything similar such as “not seeing color” are silencing tactics. Ever notice how people who use these arguments don’t see color, live in a post racial society, and experience “reverse racism” all at the same time? How can one experience “reverse racism” if we live in a post racial society? *Kiki & Tiffy Sip Tea*. The truth is, they want to center their own perceived racial oppression while not having to confront the reality that POC and immigrants live in. 
  • In the society we live in, it’s hard for people NOT to develop prejudices against others but we have to unlearn those beliefs.
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