Patriotic or Nah?

As a black person, are you patriotic? Why / Why not? Even though things in this episode got playful, we explain why we’re not patriotic people. Lack of representation, the history of how black people were (and are) treated in the US etc…There’s many reasons but we highlight a few. The word “patriotism” means a different thing to different people but regardless of whether you feel “patriotic” or not, understand why. Understand what your patriotism looks like. Understand how it can hurt, help and even contradict itself. As Americans, we’ve gotten to a place where we respect liberty but ONLY on certain bullshit conditions…..

I realize that men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put their selves in harm’s way for my freedom of speech and my freedoms in this country, and my freedom to take a seat or take a knee, so I have the utmost respect for them, and I think what I did was taken out of context and spun a different way.

-Colin Kaepernick

Key Points

  • Patriotism should not be forced.
  • Apparently in the US, “Patriotism” is synonymous with patriotic symbolism.
  • It’s difficult to feel patriotic when you don’t even feel American due to lack of representation and other factors.
  • Patriotism doesn’t have to be displayed a certain way (or be present at all).
  • Basically, people need to get over themselves.


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