“N-Word” Etiquette

We decided to do a fun lil episode on the “N” word discussing when we say it, who can say it, and when. We’re letting our thoughts and the “N” word drop freely because… Why tf not?

Do the Hosts of TSB use the N- Word? Yes. Professionally.

We grew up around people who were pretty relaxed about the N word for the most part (the exceptions generally being older people) and have been saying it since we were little girls. We do what most profession N word using black people do and use it in variety contexts and situation and we code switch in the workplace. For example, Kiki substitutes “nigga” for “bruh” when she’s at work (fun tip for ya). As for me , Tiffy, I use it when joking and for emphasis of certain things as explained in the episode.

So what about white people using it?

That’s what everyone wants to know. Look, white people using the N word is cringy at best, however, at the end of the day if they have a black friend who’s PERSONALLY comfortable with them using the word around THEM, then we don’t police what people do with THEIR friendships, just don’t bring that shit around us. Put that on the don’ts end of your N-word etiquette class notes. It’s particularly annoying when anybody , race aside, assumes that all black people are N word friendly and that just because your black friend Trey let’s you use the word then that means all other black people should. There’s no such thing as “nigga passes” people!