Blackness & Individuality 

W/ Host Tiffy & Guest Kiki

The purpose of this episode is to bring awareness, appreciation, and acceptance to black people acting as unique individuals and ending the demand to “act black”. It’s definitely okay to be you! Anyway, Kiki and I discuss the relationship between blackness and individuality and touch on things such as calling each other “Oreos”, assimilation, and what W.E.B Debois described as “double consciousness”.

We defiantly and unintentionally perpetuate stereotypes when we force each other into a black box instead of simply accepting the FACT that black people are not carbon copy characters and that individuality is BEAUTIFUL.We already must assimilate in this society in order to avoid judgment and socially survive, so why make existing that much harder for ourselves?
As Kiki stated, growing up being called “Oreo” effects your mentality and makes you see the world in black and white and that there is no grey area. (When that grey area is where your uniqueness lies, imagine feeling like it cannot exist). Are we supposed to act like the foolish stereotypes that we’ve been labeled with? How surprised can we be when other’s box us up when we do it to each other regularly? I’m not saying that other groups stereotyping us is justified or acceptable. Basically, as I said in the episode “We should honor our own stances.”

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So where can we go from here? We talked about this in the episode, but what can you do to aid in the appreciation our individuality?