Messages From TSB


Transparency is extremely important to us. We really like to keep things open with our listeners. Here’s what’s going on with us right now:

We’re going on hiatus.

Don’t worry thought, we’ll be back in March. We’ve been balancing a work life, podcast life, romantic life, and time for ourselves and we’re not afraid to admit that is has not been easy. We believe that it’s important that we take a moment for ourselves and make a few changes for the sake of our overall well being and the quality of the show’s content.

So what are we changing exactly?

We’ll be releasing episodes on a bi-weekly bases. You get roughly two episode per month. That’s the goal right now and we’ll stick with it for a bit and be open with you if that doesn’t seem to be working out. Releasing an episode and a blog post each and every week is tough work! It also means we have less time to plan and planning is essential to good content. We do want to release episodes more often than not, but, we have to be realistic and we appreciate your understanding.

In the meantime…

We appreciate you sooo much for sticking by us! We’re a relatively “new” (approx. 6 mths old at this point) show compared to most other podcasts and we want to do what’s best for the future of The Satin Bonnet. If you have any suggestions or just want to check in on us please hit us up! Continue to listen to and share our content. Your support is literally the reason why still here! We’re pushing through for you, so keep doing what you do.

Much love,

Kiki & Tiffy