Black Gay Men ARE Black Men.

Anti-Gayness against gay black men is HIGH in our community. We really need to discuss the intersection of race and sexuality, the”oppression olympics” phenomenon, gender, masculinity etc. Adam, a gay black man, was so kind to be very open about all of these. Since black gay men are black men, we need to hear them speak and destroy the idea that a black man must fit a in heteronormative box to be a man.

Masculinity & Anti-Queerness in our community:

I don’t consider myself masculine or feminine, I’m balanced…..

  • The Anti-Gayness displayed towards black men has a lot to do with our understand of , and views surrounding masculinity.
  • We associated gay sex with emasculation and being “dominated” by another man.
  • There’s “The Gay Agenda”
  • Black gay men are the ones who are being “emasculated”. Since they are told consistently that they are not really men. They are having to beg for respect as a man.
  • Being gay is associated with being a woman or being feminine.
  • We have a hard time distinguishing biological sex, from gender, from masculinity/femininity, from sexuality. Many of us feel people must behave according to the bucket their genitals fit into.
  • Ties into toxic masculinity.
  • Even when women behave in a more “masculine” way , such as Young M.A. , black men didn’t even flinch and you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “oouuu”.

We stay so divided as a community, it weakens us individually.


Oppression Olympics

What do I as a black [heterosexual] person gain from keeping [black] gay people oppressed? What do I get from it? What happens…..?

  • It’s the “who struggles worse” game.
  • Struggle is relative, trauma is trauma, and what may seem minor for one person may be the worse thing that’s ever happens to another.
  • Heterosexual black people can ONLY imagine what it’s like to be non-hetero. We CANNOT say being gay isn’t “as bad” as being black since that’s an experience we cannot speak to.
  • Blackness and queerness is an intersection of it’s own.