Feelin Good As Hell (Self Care)

People have shit going on in life and sometimes ‘treat yoself’ doesn’t work (or isn’t practical for your budget). We’ll give you some tips from our personal lives that help keep us sane. Hopefully they’ll do the same for you.

Do Artsy Shit.

Kiki paints, draws, does photography, and makeup. Doing something creative is great way to unwind. There are no rules, you don’t have to be the greatest artist, just go make something.

Video Games.

We personally love The Sims. Everything about it. The shopping with an infinite supply of money, the adventures you can have, the things that’ll make you laugh. Our Sims will live their best lives even when we can’t!

Go Somefuckingwhere.

We don’t mean a bar or club – but somewhere you feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable. Kiki, for example, lives right across from the beach (lucky bitch)…. So she gets to listen to waves, meditate, and do some yoga if she chooses. If you don’t have a lot of nature around you, that’s totally fine. Go out and find a spot with a nice cityscape that you like. Make it your own adventure to find your place of escape.

Be Proactive about Self Care

Don’t wait until your problems get so bad that you now need professional help. Also, don’t feel the need to compare the issues you’re currently facing to that of others. The feelings you have are valid no matter what. No problem is too “small” for self-care and just about any problem and any negative feeling can escalate if you let it.

You have to get through those demons in order to move forward… Or the world is going to pass you by… That’s self sabotage.


Clean Your Goddamn Room!

Clean your room, purse, car, house, kitchen, closet, bathroom, everydamnthing! Having a cluttered space makes you feel worse whether you know it or not. renew your physical space. It’s hard to get a peaceful state of mind when you’re surrounded by a collection of BS that ended up there as a result of being too stressed to deal with putting it in its proper space. Renew, renew, renew!