This button takes you to The Satin Bonnet’s Patreon page. 

So we finally set up that Patreon we’ve been talking about. Don’t worry, we won’t harass you for donations, this is purely voluntary.  You’re probably curious what it’ll assist with. To put it directly…..

  • Directories such as iTunes, Spotify, etc don’t pay us. Unlike YouTubers, We don’t get paid by the platforms we post our content to. In fact, we pay money out of our own pocket have our podcast media hosted and distributed to you to listen.  
  • Good quality sound takes good quality money.  Can’t be more straight forward than that. If you’re imagining that an “OK” quality podcast microphone is cheap, then sadly you’re wrong. Also it’s common for special XLR cables for those microphones to be needed. Add that to the expenses of sound recorders, mixing boards, audio interfaces, laptops, headphones etc. Long story short, good quality podcasting costs money and as you can imagine, we’d like to deliver the best to our listeners. 
  • Website fees. Websites (that you own) are not free to start, or free to maintain. 
  • Advertising &Promo. Podcasts gotta grow! That isn’t free. Everything that relies on the public to thrive takes advertising
  • Legal Content Usage. You can’t just look up an image online and use it without the potential of getting into legal trouble. The licenses needed to have the right to use certain content… You guessed it, costs money. 

There’s a lot of expenses that go into creating and maintaining a podcast that can’t be listed here. So literally, anything is appreciated.  Our appreciation for you is high as fuck.