Everybody Wanna be Black Until it’s Time to be Black….


Yes, this is an episode on cultural appropriation inspired by the infamous IG models who’ve been pretending to be black. Black Twitter isn’t having it! We’ll  be discussing cultural appropriation from a broader view with a perspective that’s typically combated in this “woke” era. 

Key Points

  • Cultural appropriation (we’ll say CA) has multiple definitions. Everyone sees it differently. CA isn’t a black vs. white phenomenon as it is seen outside the black community as well but we will be highlighting  black-white CA.
  • As long as you aren’t representing the black community as a caricature, joke, costume, etc then more than likely, it’s ok. (other black people may feel differently  of course)
  • Be careful what you call “culture”.  
  • When are we going to talk about how WE like to wear other’s cultures? Examples: Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow and Nicki Minaj’s  Chung Li music videos. 
  • CA is a symptom of a much bigger problem 
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