Let’s Be Honest About Colorism…

Yes, colorism is still a problem and we’re still not being honest about it. We keep shoving it away as “divisive” and a product of the “bitterness” of highly melanated black women. It’s time to cut the shit and be honest about colorism.

Light-Skin privilege is a real thing.

That’s not to suggest that people with lighter skin / mixed / biracial black
people do not experience racism or that they have everything easy, but if living a white supremacist society has taught you anything you’d know that the closer you are to whiteness, the closer you are to privilege.

There’s still a brand of blackness that’s considered ‘too black’ and we still don’t like that brand.


Talking about colorism is “divisive”.

Eyeroll. Another common argument is “we’re all black at the end of the day!”. Listen, we’re not saying who gets to identify as black and who doesn’t. Who are we to police the identities of mixed people? However, what we not gon do is pretend like the black is experience isn’t altered by skin shade. Also, too many of us like to write off highly melanated black women who discuss their experiences as just being angry and bitter. Ya know, the same angry black woman stereotype that was created by a system of white supremacy. Let’s not pretend that black people do NOT prefer a brand of blackness that’s “too black”.