Fuck Code Switching

Because we should be allowed to be ourselves…. Period

What is code switching?

It’s a reflexive switch from your cultural mannerism to mannerisms that are socially acceptable. Such as switching to your “white voice” on the phone for “important” phone calls or at while in the work place. It’s essentially diluting your blackness for social survival.


A Few Reasons Not to Code Switch

(Listen for the rest….)

  • We deserve the same freedom. if white people can be themselves you should be able to be yourself as well.
  • They win if we don’t. Don’t give in to respectability and wash away yourselfneess just for the sake of being accepted by a white dominated society. Society is just going to have to learn that not everyone will be the same — and that’s actually a good thing. Exposure to other’s differences is a big part of learning that lesson, discomfort is a part of growing.
  • Makes for authentic friendships. To Kiki’s point in the podcast about code switching based upon which friends she’s around, you should be yourself regardless of who you’re hanging around so that the friends you have are the friends that like YOU rather than the you that you occasionally mascaraed as for their approval.

You shouldn’t have to trade yourself in to be someone that you’re not. Respectability won’t save us.