Oh The Caucasity….

If you don’t know what Causticity is you’re about to find out and have a new favorite term.

*”Caucasity” does not apply to/ describe all white people.


What is Caucasity

White people boldly displaying their  sense of entitlement and false sense of authority over other groups of people .


Examples :


  • “Whitesplaining”
  • Race Denial (race is a unicorn) the “I’ve never seen that happen, that just must be the people you’re hanging around.”They’ll treat racism like isolated incidents rather than an ongoing system just because they’ve never witnessed overt racism themselves.
  • Defensiveness. Immediately taking offense to a conversation around racism when nobody in the discussion was saying anything derogatory towards white people, just against racism.
  • Hijacking discussions centering another race or culture to center the perceived oppression of white people. “But I grew up poor”. “Black people weren’t the only slaves.” “But people say white people can’t dance.” etc.
  • Viewing black people celebrating their blackness despite what society says as an act of racism and a display of “black supremacy”.
  • Wanting recognition for not being racist.

I’m not going to applaud a fish for swimming


Let’s Talk About Why Causticity Exists….

  • Some white people perceive a conversation about how horrible racism is as a discussion about how horrible white people are when that is not the case.
  • Living colorblind and never thinking about race since they never have to.
  • Having a skewed understanding of what racism is. It isn’t that most NBA players are black, it isn’t BET, black history month, or HBCUs. (Read Racism isn’t Hate)
  • Our education system teaching about racism as a thing of the past when in fact it isn’t. This sets the foundation for ignorance surround racial issues.

Racism exists in such a way that conditions white people to be caucastic….


Knowing this information may help you the next time you witness causticity. Until next time!