Black Womanhood

With Host Tiffy and guests Kiki and Berdine.

This episode is all about Queenness!

Black Womanhood is truly unique . Not all womanhood is the same. Which should make sense because if you look at any country other than your own, you’ll find that societies are different and the roles that women play in those societies differ drastically. The United States is no different. Across this country, there are varying cultures so it should be no surprised that black womanhood is unique from that of other women. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how or has even given this consideration and that’s perfectly fine because this episode will give you the basics.

So here’s how the discussion went….

With no surprise, we agreed on quite a lot and related on soooo many levels. We shared experiences, laughed and of course admired black women’s natural bossness!(Yes, I’m making up words because there are no words powerful enough in the English language to describe black women.) Just to give a nice summery, We:

  • Gave examples of how black womanhood is unique.

Kiki pointed out how were consistently complimenting each other’s . Yes we are, and were doing to strategically uplift each other’s blackness by praising our natural features and style whenever the opportunity presents itself.

  • Admired what makes black women so amazing

Berdine came straight in with what makes black women so dope! Strength and grace (just to name a couple).

Enjoy the episode!