Black $hmoney

Our community could definitely use some financial growth so let’s talk about money. Joining this episode is Tony Stephenson, CEO and founder of Team Empower Financial, to discuss the importance of having the right mindset and environment for achieving financial stability.  

I believe the conversation in the black community should be different. Not ‘what degree do you have?’ but ‘what business do you own?’… – Tony Stephenson

Key Points:

  • Mindset and  environment is everything. Understand that you deserve more and you can have it. 
  • Finances aren’t discussed enough in the black household. Children spend more time at school than with their parents and schools do not teach useful lessons about financial stability. 
  • The same thousands of dollars that go towards student loans can be used towards your own business. 
  • Confidence is key. Make realistic goals and apply self discipline so you can save and start building the habit of saving. If you aren’t saving while your broke, you won’t save when you’re rich. 
  • Seeking validation from social media and spending money to have a lifestyle that will impress others you will always be broke. “If you are not translating ‘likes’ into dollars then it doesn’t matter.”
  • Not setting up our children for financial success is harming the community. It does not make sense to expect an 18 year old to be able to build a life for themselves with nothing.

You can find Tony Stephenson here:

Website-  https://www.tonystephensonii.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/tonystephensonii/

Team Empower – https://www.instagram.com/team.empower/

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