Let’s Be Honest About Ayesha Curry…

Ayesha was being honest about having insecurities surrounding not receiving attention (validation) from men other than her husband…..
The internet wasn’t having it and people had some ignorant ass things to say…. (This episode has spring allergies)

Shea Butter Twitter was not here for Ayesha….

The internet has decided that having money exempts you from negative human emotions such as insecurity. The argument is that Ayesha “should” be happy simply because she’s married to a man with a lot of money.

Money don’t change anything but your pocketbook.


We’re hoping that we don’t have to explain why that’s stupid….

Marriage isn’t going to magically make you a confident person…. Duh.
Sure, many people will tell you how their significant other helped them build their self-confidence and that’s great! However, that doesn’t mean that marriage is the magical force that brings forth confidence. YOU are responsible for building that for yourself and there’s not one thing that you can obtain or do (such as getting married) that will instantly reward you with a healthy self security.

Ayesha doesn’t want to be sexually harassed….

We saw a lot of memes implying that Ayesha Curry want’s to be “aye-yo ma’d” to death….. Y’all are really trippin! The desire to be noticed does not equate to the desire to be treated like an object of lust. Is this really what y’all think “getting noticed” means? Is this really what y’all think women are out hear yearning for? That really says something about your understanding of women. Time and time again due to silly sexist-driven believes, women are branded as these creatures that want nothing more than to be lusted after. Ya’ll are playing right into this dumb-ass belief!