Activism. Radicalism. Extremism. Where is YOUR line drawn?

On a scale from T’Challa to Killmonger, where in Wakanda are you?

It’s important we take the time to consider where we are on this scale and gauge what’s the most effective method to go about bringing forth change in the world. The Satin Bonnet cannot define these words for you or tell you whats the most beneficial but the seed must be planted. So where in Wakanda are you? What’s been most effective for you? What results have you seen from your current method of informing people? Hopefully this episode will help you analyze yourself and adjust as needed.

Generally speaking , whether or not you believe “the ends justifies the means” will tell you where in Wakanda you are.

An activist also does consider their own position and what they can do in their lives to change the world rather than JUST sitting inside looking outside demanding that everyone else makes changes to themselves.